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Okay, world, we are gonna try something new today. This time I have not scripted my intro at all because I kinda just feel like jumping into this. This is Little Bibliophile, by the way; it's a podcast that I make with some awesome stories in it. So, I hope you enjoy. Um, today is February 15th. I did pick out a Valentine's Day story, but then it ended up being too cheesey and I really didn't want to do it. But this next piece I have picked out is kind of a love story, I think; at least, that's what I get from it. But it would definitely be a nontraditional kind. Anyway. It's actually not a story either, but I find that very appropriate as it is February. For those of you who aren't literary nerds, February is National Poetry month, which is a very exciting time for me. So, instead of a short story, we have what is called a “prose poem.” Prose poetry, for those of you who don't know, are like paragraphs, that are beautifully written. And because they have sort of a lyrical, poetical quality, they're not just prose, and they definitely aren't essays or anything, so they are “prose poems.” This poem I just came across yesterday. And, I love it. Um, it was an assignment for my creative writing class, which I did not read before the class started, but then, as the class got into things and we read it, I was completely blown away by it. Um, he interesting thing about it, however, is that I don't know how to pronounce the name of it. Maybe you can help me out. It is spelled I – S – K – A – N – D – A – R – I – Y – A, which I am thinking is Is – kan – daria, or Is – kandria, or something like that. But anyways. It's a prose poem by Brigit Pegeen Kelly, and it is absolutely beautiful. So, without further ado, since this is a very long introduction – maybe that's why I should keep scripting it – here it is.

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